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African Organization for Public Accounts Committees (AFROPAC) comprises of Public Account Committees in African legislatures. 

Parliamentary oversight is evolving throughout the globe and therefore robust institution of peers will help nurture competence and replicate lessons learnt. This was the need sought when the organization was established on 2nd September 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Transparency and accountability in the audit process is dependent on the control systems within the government institutions, In addition the auditing of public expenditure is based on the INTOSAI guidelines (Lima Declaration, 1977) which defines financial control as follows:

“The concept of establishment of audit is inherent in public financial administration as the management of public funds represents a trust. Audit is not an end in itself but an indispensable part of a regulatory system whose aim is to reveal deviations from accepted standards and violation of the principles of legality, efficiency, effectiveness and economy of financial management early enough to make it possible to take corrective action in individual cases to make those accountable accept responsibility, to obtain compensation, or to take steps to prevent –or at least render more difficult such breaches”   

AFROPAC is evolving into a unique platform for networking and collaboration across Africa, with the goal of raising the bar in oversight and accountability on the continent.

AFROPAC’s stakeholders include the following:

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